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CFO - Ask the Expert: Building A Better Way to Budget

Summer is upon us, and the specter of budgeting season looms just over the horizon. The exercise of setting targets, allocating resources, and providing incentives for achieving goals has evolved into a time-worn task for most organizations and their finance functions. In many firms, budget season consumes precious finance resources at the same time that it alienates senior executives throughout an enterprise. Budgeting wears us all out.

But today, many finance chiefs are reevaluating their current budgeting practices in search of new tools and strategies to make budgets not only more effective but also more efficient. This Webcast will address three key questions: How can you transform your current budget from a chore into a tool? Should budgeting continue to be slavishly linked to a moment in time, or should it be continuous? Should you "blow up" your budgeting process and not look back?

This Webcast will explore:

  • The critical obstacles that finance faces in the budgeting process
  • How CFOs can take the lead on transforming their current budgeting practices
  • Why budgets and forecasts must evolve as your business environment changes
  • New ways of thinking about budgeting to bring your performance to the next level
  • The latest strategies, tools, and technology to make it all happen
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